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Automotiv is a revolutionary online market place designed to create a unique car buying experience. Yes, you can buy a car online! Our philosophy is to make the car buying process easy. No more pushy salesmen, no haggling – just simple good deals straight on your fingertips.

After you have researched the car you want, visit Automotiv and search our database for the car you desire and we present the best available deals to you. You can select your car, pay a holding deposit and organise pick up from the dealer. Simple and straight forward. So are you ready to buy?

How do we do this?

We have a large network of dealers advertising new and demonstrator cars with us. We go through our database and select the top 5 deals that are available to you in the next 48 hours. This means dealers are competing for your business and are giving you their best offer for the next 48 hours! Once you select the car and pay your initial deposit we will generate a contract and share the details of the dealer with you; and similarly pass on your details to the dealer. And that’s it!

From that point the dealer contacts you to organise balance payment and confirm a delivery date.

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Why choose us

All brands

We have stock from a huge selection of brands, which means you have a wide range of new and demonstrator cars to select from. As these are new or demonstrator cars you also get the standard manufacture warranty that gives you complete peace of mind.

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Best deals

We use technology to identify the best deal for you based on your selection. So we have taken the haggling and sales person commissions out of the equation. We also provide you suggestions for cars that may not be the exact specification you want but might pique your interest. Imagine you shopped for a white car but we had blue one with a sunroof. Now that is exciting!

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We provide an easy payment facility, which you can use to pay for the car online. You can pay a 10% deposit, the full price or a minimum $1000 deposit.

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Our philosophy is to provide the best car buying experience to our customers. And part of that is to be transparent to our customers and provide them with full details of the car as well as pricing. No gimmicks, no hidden costs.

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Destination for your dream car

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