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To Install Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System (KRMS) please follow the following easy steps

  1. Copy the files to you webserver mostly to your www root or htdocs folder
  2. Create database in your server using phpmyadmin or any application to create database in your server
  3. Edit the file protected/config/main.php with your database connection
  4. Open up your browser and type in this address
    note: the URL link will depend on the folder where in you install the files

    You should see the screen below:

  5. Click next to continue to create tables needed for kmrs.

  6. Enter your website information and click next

    After your have successfuly finish the 5 steps you will see the link to your admin panel, merchant panel and your front end website


 This page is a preview of your total sales for last 30 day and also here you can see new order for today. you can simply view the order details by clicking the view on the table order list

Food Category

this is the page where in you will define your food product category eg. sandwiches , dinner, side etc.

Food Item

in here you will define the food item by category, define price ,discount and addons.

Addon Category

in here you will define the addon category just like the food category

Addon Item

same as food item but for addon category

Other Item Size

this is where you will define the size's of your product like small, medium and large

Cooking Reference

Manage the cooking reference of your food item eg. well done, rare etc.

Store Settings

this is the main settings of your store. define tax , delivery charges any many more..

Payment Gateway

KMRS supports paypal & Credit card offline for collecting payment online, in here you can set the credential of your paypal account.


Complete sales report. All reports can be exported to excel.


This is the main page wherein you can see all the transaction for the last 30 days. merchant registration and merchant payment.

Merchant List

This sections is where you can find all the merchant who had signup for membership with a status of active and not active or expired membership

Sponsored List

This sections is where you can add the merchant to be on top list of the results.


This sections is where you can add the membership packages.

1. Run Cronjobs for SMS Broadcast

- in order to process the sms broadcast you will need to run a cron job in yoir server with the time interval of every minute
- folder cronHelper should be writable by the server

You will need to run the following 4 cron jobs
curl http://localhost/restomulti/cron/ProcessSMS
curl http://localhost/restomulti/cron/ProcessBroacast
curl http://localhost/restomulti/cron/ProcessPayout
curl http://localhost/restomulti/cron/fax
ofcourse you will need to replace the link with correct address in your server

see sample screenshot on how to set your cron jobs

Note: if curl command is not available in your server try using wget command

To update to newest version follow the simple steps

  1. first backup your server files incase something wrong. files to backup are assets and protected folder.
  2. backup the file protected/config/main.php this contains your database connection
  3. upload or overwrite your server files folder assets and protected folder
  4. change the db config, open the file config/main.php and copy the old db configuration in your old protected/config/main.php
  5. run the update db found in your admin panel and run the update merchant info

To update manually you need to use
this tool can be use to check what new files has been added or modified.
files to check for new files or modified files are assets and protected folder.

To transfer the kmrs to another server like for instance from your demo to live server just follow the simple steps

  1. Copy all the files from your old to your new server
  2. Export your database by dumping the structure and data using phpmyadmin note: do not include the table _view_merchant, _view_order_details and view_ratings this is not ordinary tables.
    all the tables with _views do not include it when you dump your mysql data
  3. Change the htaccess file if necessary. note: this will depends in your new server like example if you install the demo on a folder and you copy all the files to your new server with no folder then you will need to change your htaccess file
  4. Change the file protected/main.php database connection to your new db connection settings
  5. Run the update database by visiting your website url

  1. How to change the css stylesheet

    to change the css stylesheet you can find the file on assets/css/store.css

  2. How to change the header image that was used

    you can find and replace all the header image on the folder /assets/images

  3. How to change the template

    all the templates is located at the folder protected/views/store and the layout is located at protected/views/layouts

How can re install kmrs?

to re install kmrs you need to create new database
or if you are using same database you need to delete the records found in _option table with the option_name = installation_done

How can i add discount to my product?

to add discount on your product or food item, on the back office menu food item when you add a new item there is a field for discount, and this discount should be in numeric value.

Is Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System responsive?

yes the front end of KMRS is responsive, so that your user can easily order using their mobile

Error uploading image on backend?

This usually happens when a PHP is not allowed to create folder, to fixed this you will have to create the upload folder manually and set the permission to 777.
the folder upload should be in the main root directory where the KMRS is installed

Adding item to cart but its empty?

this usually happens when the temp folder of your server is not writable

After install cannot access /admin or /merchant and /store

check your server mod_rewrite or allowed_overwrite is enabled

Windows server cannot access /admin or merchant and /store

create a file called web.config in your root directory where in you install the kmrs and copy the content from windows.config file
note: if you install kmrs to a sub folder like /food/ then you will need to change this line url="index.php/{R:0} to url="food/index.php/{R:0}

How to update krms without the /store in url

first backup your protected/config/main.php
and replace your current protected/config/main.php with the new main.php
after you replace the main.php update the database configuration with your old db config

            'class'            => 'CDbConnection' ,
            'connectionString' => 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=restomulti',
            'emulatePrepare'   => true,
            'username'         => 'root',
            'password'         => '',
            'charset'          => 'utf8',
            'tablePrefix'      => 'mt_',

Thanks so much to


I spent a lot of time on this thing. Nevertheless it's still not finished. I like to improve it wherever I can and appreciate your feedback. I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this plugin. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist.